Eugenio Mombelli was born in Brescia in 1950 he attended the Liceo Artistico (Art College) and following that the faculty of Architecture in Milano, where he graduated in 1975. He began painting when very young and in 1967 exibited his own work at the art gallery “Galleria Etoile” in Brescia. Together with a group of young painters and sculptors he took part in a vein of research called “Gruppo Novart” which set up its own permanent exibition in Rovato in Franciacorta (Bs) from 1972 to 1974. From 1978 he dedicated himself to the profession of architect, continuing to paint but without being able to dedicate too much time to setting up personal or collective exibitions. From 1995 he has abandoned the profession of architect and has returned to his previous artistic activity full time.



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Eugenio Mombelli

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